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Dedicated Routes with a Private Fleet

Let me begin by thanking you for considering Becker Trucking Dedicated Transportation Solutions as an alternative for your transportation needs.

We are able to successfully compete with the larger carriers because we are truly interested in your business and implementing successful proven strategies to improve your transportation operations. Our customers are never a small fish in a large pond. If you only have one truck, you are important to Becker Trucking! We absolutely understand private fleet operations are quite unique in their product, customers, and handling, and therefore do not fit well in the one size fits all box provided by the nation’s providers. We take a consultative approach in learning and understanding your business before we ever suggest an alternative. We are very proud of the relationships that we have developed over the years with our customers.

We are a service oriented company whose success is built around an atmosphere of helping our customers. We filter our service decisions through our ability to perform Safely, Legally, Ethically, Morally and Profitably. Following these business rules, our service levels consistently exceed customer expectations and through customer referrals.

The Becker difference lies in what we do to improve your operation after the contract is signed. We spend the vast majority of our resources managing and retaining our customers rather than expensive marketing campaigns on new business. The fact that in more than a decade of doing business, we have never lost a contract account to a competitor speaks to our commitment, follow through and ability to consistently meet the changing expectations of our customers. To put it succinctly, we do what we say. We give you our personal commitment, that we will meet your expectations and consistently work to lower your costs, improve customer service, while giving you peace of mind that your customers are being managed safely and compliant. If you feel that Becker Trucking may be an alternative to your private fleet please do not hesitate to contact us.

Top Reasons For Outsourcing

  • Lack of Transportation cost management
  • Drier hiring and retention
  • Compliance with DOT, fuel tax, EPA, CSA and OSHA regulations
  • Insurance procurement and cost
  • Liability exposure, accident and workers compensation claims
  • Equipment availability and specifications
  • Lack of delivery reporting metric